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My grandparents and my father were goldsmiths. I was brought from Sierra Leone to Germany as a child so that I could later run the family business. Even as a child my enthusiasm for the business world was great and I wanted to be as successful as my father. He used to travel to many countries to visit his customers and when he came back he told me everything he had experienced on the trip. Besides, he was also a stamp collector. Through his travels, he got all kinds of stamps from numerous countries. 

In the past, the internet was not as widespread as it is today, and he preferred to work without a computer. When I was a teenager, he showed me everything I needed to know about precious metals. Africa has a lot of raw materials but in the time my father lived there, there was no sound insurance and the mining undertaking was terrible. Hardly anyone asked for fair trade and child labour coupled with very poor pay were the order of the day.

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