Purchase procedure

The process of buying a gold bar

Corkson Company

Gold bar experts from Cologne

The following is the procedure when you make a gold purchase with us:

1. Order

  • Managing directors and private customers can look forward to what they have long been waiting for, namely favourable prices and fully insured gold purchase without any hidden costs. We don’t promise what we cannot deliver.

  • We will give you an attractive offer that you will not get anywhere else with the same high quality.

2. Procurement

  • The gold nuggets are purchased from reliable business partners and subjected to thorough checks.

  • This is not possible without a municipal gold licence

  • The gold is weighed and taken to the goldsmith. The goldsmith ensures that the gold ultimately has a purity value of 999.9.

  • It is then taken to a gold expert to have this value checked again. After successful verification, the gold is then certified.

  • Now the gold bars are ready for shipment.

3. Delivery process

  • The gold is sealed and shipped in insured containers.

  • The insurance will cover all losses and damages.

  • Once in Europe, the gold is collected by one of our partners in a bullion van and delivered safely to a bank safe deposit box set up for you or to your company.

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